The Bahamas Experience

Black Earth Angling Co. is offering a unique 6 day fishing experience on Cat Island, Bahamas. Cat is a special place most never hear about, let alone visit to fish. After an exploratory visit in December of 2014, we have put together an 'expedited tour' package intended for fishermen seeking an immersion experience pursuing bonefish. There are two groups available—Group A: March 8-13th and Group B: March 13-18th.

Cat is beautiful in an underdeveloped and complex way. Despite having only one road, negotiating the island's many wrinkles takes surprisingly considerable time. As your hosts it will be our job to apply our practical knowledge of the island to facilitate your experience learning a new place and some of the bonefishing to be found there. The two of us will join you on the flats, handle provisioning and meal preparation (Ben is a professional cook), shuttling, advance scouting, and work to address problems should they arise ( flat tires, lost luggage, leaky kayaks...), and generally keep us in position to optimally enjoy our trip to the island.. Additionally, Kyle will produce a photo documentary of this trip for you.

“You can expect a self-fulfilling experience with ample shots at bonefish while enjoying the beauty and diversity of a complex island, unknown to many.”


Six of us will stay in a beach house located on a beautiful bayside point. The house is fully furnished with hot running water, indoor plumbing, a broad patio with gazebo and hammock, and even A/C. The house overlooks the water, there are prime bonefish flats out the back door and beauty in every direction.


Cat Island bonefishing is unique. Our bonefish will be in tidally-dependent estuarine creeks. We will stalk them entirely on foot, timing our movements with the tide. Cat Island bones are spooky by nature of course, but generally abundant and are aggressive on the take. Additionally, Cat Island creeks are among the finest barefoot wading waters on the planet, and you are encouraged to get your toes in the mud encountering these beasts.

While not the classic image of bonefishing, we found this style a fulfilling way to be immersed in the wonders of a saltwater flat and a beautifully challenging way to seek bonefish.

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What's included?
- Lodging & meals throught trip
- Kayaks
- Flies
- One full day w/ local guide, Willard Cleare
- Vehicle rental & transport
- Reef fishing
- Hardcover photojournal
Cost Duration
$2,100/person - All inclusive* 6 Days

*Does not include alcohol, airfare, or knots)

For lessons and group trips please call or email.