Lower 'Sconnie

The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway (LWR) is a bucket list fishing destination for many reasons. It runs 92.3 miles un-dammed from Prairie Du Sac to the Mississippi, making it the longest free flowing section of river not in only Wisconsin, but the Midwest as well. The LWR consists of over 80,000 acres of protected land, of which 44,000 acres are state owned, public land. It is one of the most ecologically diverse river systems in the country providing a home for 98 species of fish. Oh, and did we mention that any of the islands/sandbars, expect for a small area near the nude beach (yes, a nude beach), is free to set up camp on? This provides adventure seekers with the unique opportunity to do a multiple day fishing trip without ever leaving the peace and quiet of the LWR.

The LWR is a wide, shallow, smooth flowing river that is easy wading due to its smooth sandy bottoms. The LWR rarely gets over 10 feet deep and is often less than 4 feet in depth which makes navigation difficult/impossible with large power boats. The bass fishing pressure is often low as most fishermen are after walleye and catfish. BEAC runs the river with a jet-powered john boat and on a hot day you can expect to make numerous stops to get out and wet wade the shallow structure-ridden areas. During the weekdays, there is a good chance you will not see another human on the water. Our most common comment we receive is, “WOW!, it is sooo quiet out here.”

Our main focus on the LWR varies by season. Spring (April-May) is pre/post spawn smallmouth bass, post-spawn pike/musky, and the white bass run. Summer (June-September) is when the LWR is at its peak. During this time THE CRASH occurs. THE CRASH is a natural phenomenon where large schools of bass corral baitfish into the banks and absolutely gorge themselves. If you book during THE CRASH you can expect some of the most exciting, explosive fishing you have ever experienced. June-August is almost entirely top-water action enjoyed in your swimsuit and a sun hat. When Fall rolls around we will begin to chase the toothy-critters and will often pick up some of our best bass of the season.

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Rates* 1–2 Pers.
Full day $425
Half day $350

*All trips include leaders, tippets, and flies. Full day trips include lunch. Additional equipment may be rented upon request.

For lessons and group trips please call or email.