Guided Grab-Bag

For those of you looking for something a little more adventurous, this may be it. Wisconsin provides us with the beauty of four seasons which carries with it numerous unique fly fishing opportunities on various bodies of water that otherwise may not be conducive for angling with a fly. We have ice-out pike fishing, summer small water smallmouth, and fall predatory fish before the ice returns. The opportunities are near endless.

This great state has a number of smaller warm water rivers that hold a mix bag of fish including populations of smallmouth bass, pike, and you may even find a hefty brown. These rivers receive little fishing pressure and are often unknown to many. Expect to do alot of walking and wading through brush and tall grass, it is like souped up trout fishing. This will take you to solitude and the rewards for you efforts will often surprise you.

What's biting?






Float Rates* 1—2 Pers.
Full day $425
Half day $300
Walk & Wade Rates* 1 Pers. 2 Pers.
Full day $300 $400
Half day $250 $350

*All trips include leaders, tippets, and flies. Full day trips include lunch. Additional equipment may be rented upon request.

For lessons and group trips please call or email.