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Multi-Touch Table Concept

Project Summary

Inspired by today's touch-based devices, such as the iPad, I designed this interface focusing on a simple and intuitive user experience. Mainly operated through the use of a single start/back menu button and familiar drag/drop motions, the design aims to eliminate the need for instructions.

programs and Skills

  • Photoshop


birdseye view of table

The user begins by touching one of the four start buttons, after which the interface appears (bottom). From this point on, the central button (now red) allows the user to take one step back, avoiding the need for extraneous buttons.

user interface demo

By touching and dragging, the user is able to cycle through the apps within the menu (1), as well as expand the area to accomodate for more space (2).

open application demo

By dragging an application to the center (1) and letting go, the program opens and expands to fit the screen space (2)