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HIke advertisement and logo

Project Summary

For this project, I was challenged with creating a logo and advertisement for a shoe concept developed by an industrial design student at UW - Stout. Per the shoe's creator, my parameters were the name of the shoe (Hike), that it would be sold by Incase (a company who makes fancy accessories for iPods, MacBooks, and other Apple products), and that I was to highlight a specific part of the shoe, dubbed the "Power Strap".

Despite having the name, "Hike", the shoe immediately had a very urban feel to me. I didn't picture it being a shoe that anyone would venture off into the wilderness with, but rather through the streets of downtown Chicago or New York. This was also only supported by the incorporation of the trendy Incase brand.

Inspired by skylines, graffiti, and a bit of snow/skateboard attitude, I created the logo. Starting with a 2D depiction, I took it one step further and rendered it in 3D to exaggerate the perspective of the buildings. Finally adding the bold caution yellow background with subtle, yet unmistakable imagery of skylines, I was able to convey the urban feeling I wanted.

programs and Skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Modo


magazine ad

Shoe renderings courtesy of Luis Santiago

Billboard Design

logo with 3d render