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Stout adventures clinics poster

Project Summary

Stout Adventures is a division of the University Recreation department at UW - Stout that specializes in anything outdoors. They schedule numerous trips, operate both indoor and outdoor climbing walls, and host a bunch of clinics which give students a chance to learn basics, get proper training, or simply try out lots of cool activities they may be curious about.

Assigned with creating the poster for the 2010-11 year, my biggest challenge from the beginning was to fit all the information (names, summaries, dates, etc.) onto one space. Using Modo, I modeled up miniature compositions containing key objects that outlined each event. Incorporating them right into the text, my aim was to give viewers a quick reference to what each clinic entails, while enticing them to look closer and enjoy all the minor details added into each composition.

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programs and Skills

  • Modo
  • Photoshop


Clinics Poster

Each composition was designed and rendered using Modo

Deep Water Safety

Map and Compass Basics

Kayak Roll Clinic