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camp of sin logo and shirt design

Project Summary

This project was created for some friends for their yearly "Camp of Sin" outting; basically a guys-only weekend out in the wilderness filled with abundant amounts of cussing, beer, and whatever else males do when the ladies have to stay home.

The main skull was generated using Actionscript, which placed the different vector objects I designed within a given boundary; in this case, the skull from the logo. The objects are a mixture of traditional camp equipment along with some other non-traditional ones, spawning plenty of stories for those fortunate enough to attend.

programs and Skills

  • Illustrator
  • Actionscript 3.0


Shirt design

Generated with collision detection program in Actionscript 3.0.

printed shirt

Logo and illustrations

Using Actionscript, these vector graphics were randomly generated within a designated boundary (skull shape) to create the final shirt design.